Hayden Skaggs

Hayden Skaggs is an American-Born actor, musician, entrepreneur, and influencer. 

 Above photo and homepage photo by  Katrina Vrakas

Above photo and homepage photo by Katrina Vrakas

     Hayden Skaggs enlisted into the Army his senior year of high school. Having been overweight his whole life, Hayden left training in the best shape he had ever been in. But that all changed when he went to college. He found the emotional release provided by music, and used that to channel heartbreak. The only problem was that music was all he was doing. He stopped going to classes, didn't work out, didn't eat well, and became anti-social. Over the course of two years, he had reached 287 lbs. (at 38% body fat), gained no friends, found himself at the same dead-end job, and was on the verge of being kicked out of the army. In September of 2015, he decided enough was enough, got back into fitness, fixed his eating habits, and began to educate himself once more.

     To date, Hayden has lost 83 lbs. and 23% body fat and is still improving. In September of 2016, he began working as a personal trainer. He now owns a fitness company, Ancient Strength, based on culture and social self-improvement. His passion lies in helping others realize their potential, as he learned to realize his own. Not only a personal trainer, Hayden is also a stage/film actor, a musician, a published author, and a motivational speaker; having made appearances on several podcasts about self-improvement (as well as hosting his own). He makes no distinction between improvement of the body and improvement of the mind, as he believes they go hand-in-hand. His approach includes material that is intellectually elevated yet is laced with humor and personal anecdote. This gives him the ability to genuinely connect with any audience and deliver messages that hit home.


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