Hayden Skaggs

Hayden Skaggs is an American-Born actor, musician, entrepreneur, and influencer. 

     Hayden has appeared on various podcasts about motivation and self-improvement since 2016, and has also authored two books. The first is entitled, "The Allowance". This book is written about self-improvement, and focuses on the mental aspects of doing so. In the book, Hayden offers some solutions and exercises to help the reader in their journey of improving themselves. "The Allowance" is available at Ancient Strength, as well as on Amazon and Kindle. His second book,  "PDKE: A Comprehensive Guide to Nutrition", is also available on the Ancient Strength website. This book simplifies what people should eat for optimal health and performance.

     Prior to entering the fitness industry, Hayden was a successful musician. His album can be found here.



 " Knaash " with Nicholas Kirchner

"Knaash" with Nicholas Kirchner

 " The Allowance " Cover

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